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Karate Belt


Charleston Shotokan Karate Club promises a safe environment in which students of all ages can grow mentally, physically, and emotionally through hard work and dedication to the art and sport of Shotokan Karate. CSKC firmly believes that the skills, values and strength gained in the dojo can and should be applied to every aspect of one’s life. Whether a beginner or an elite athlete, each student will be respected, nurtured, and given the opportunity to succeed. 


For the competitive athlete, Charleston Shotokan Karate Club offers a team environment and competitive support throughout the year at various tournaments across the region, country, and internationally. Karate tournaments are never required, but CSKC does recognize that tournaments set the stage for significant personal gain, specifically in determination, sportsmanship, and confidence.

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Taylor Wood



Sensei Taylor Wood developed a passion for Karate more than 14 years ago and maintains a drive for Olympic pursuits.  She has competed at State, National and World Levels, earning a spot on the US Karate Team five times.  She has earned the State Champion title eight times, National Champion title four times, is a World Shotokan Champion, US Open Champion, Junior International Champion and has successfully competed in more than a dozen international competitions.


Sensei Taylor has a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science (Magna Cum Laude) and utilizes this knowledge during her class instruction.  She is Safe Sport Certified, Double Goal Coach Certified (Positive Coaching Alliance), CPR Certified and maintains SLED background verification. She provides exceptional class instruction to both youth and adult students.  Taylor was born in Charleston, SC and currently resides in Summerville.


Justin Wachtendorf


Sensei Justin Wachtendorf has been practicing karate for more than 17 years. He is a second degree black belt in Shotokan karate and a 2nd degree black belt in jujitsu. He is a four time jujitsu National Champion and one time karate National Champion. He was a member of the National Jujitsu Team in 2008 and 2012. 


Justin was born and raised in Carthage, IL. He moved to Charleston, SC in January 2010 to teach karate.  In June 2015, Justin's son, Michael, was born.  Justin enjoys teaching karate to students of all ages and levels. While he challenges all of his students to push themselves to their full potential, his young students often speak of Sensei Justin's great sense of humor. 

3 Questions for Sensei Taylor:

Why do you love karate?  

I am passionate about karate because it has played such an important and meaningful role in my life.  It has helped shape the person I am today physically and mentally.  When I first started karate at the age of 7, I was extremely shy.  Karate helped me gain confidence and a strong sense of self. Karate also afforded me the opportunity to travel around the world with the US Karate team. I have met incredible people through these experiences!


What is your favorite thing about teaching karate?:  

My favorite thing about karate instruction is that I get to be a part of helping students achieve their goals and grow as people in their everyday life.  I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to watch students transform physically and emotionally through the practice of karate. 


What is one thing we won't learn about you in class? 

I have a bad sweet tooth, and I love almost anything with sugar.

3 Questions for Sensei Justin:

Why do you love karate?  

I love karate for a number of reasons.  Karate has played a major role in shaping me as an adult.  I don't think I would have become as disciplined as I am without martial arts. I have always enjoyed competing and striving to improve.

What is your favorite thing about teaching karate?:  

My favorite thing about teaching karate is seeing the improvements and growth in students - especially when students surpass their own expectations.  We have fun in class but we work hard.  It's great to see young kids realize that hard work pays off in the form of more strength, endurance, accuracy and overall skill.


What is one thing we won't learn about you in class? 

I like just about any sport and really enjoy spending time outdoors. I love scuba diving! 

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